Monday, September 27, 2021

24.12°C Kathmandu

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Radio Kantipur

For about three years until October 1998, Radio Kantipur bought a three-hour slot in the national portal of Radio Nepal and broadcasted its programmes. When it obtained its licence to air independently, it became the first commercial radio channel in the country. Today, it is the most popular FM station in Nepal.Radio Kantipur is popular for its well-crafted programmes, some of which provide information and entertainment while others report news and provide timely updates on developing stories. It is technically sound and its creative team-members work hard to retain the trust of Nepali listeners. The gamut of programme formats runs from call-ins to bulletins, interviews and narratives. Radio Kantipur hosts popular programmes such as ‘Kantipur Diary’, ‘The Headliners’ and ‘Yo Maya Bhanne Chij Yestai Ho’ among hundreds of others which seek to empower and connect Nepalis.

Our Team

Dinesh DC

Station Manager

Phone: 9851015819

Landline: 01-5541902/5541903 (Ext: 120)


Pawan Acharya

News Chief

Phone: 9851091613

Landline: 01-5541902/5541903 (Ext: 106)


Paramananda Khanal

Admin Chief

Phone: 9841248484

Landline: 01-5541902/5541903 (Ext: 106)


Sujan Karki

Marketing Chief

Phone: 9851042590

Landline: 01-5541902/5541903 (Ext: 112)


Suresh Gupta

Finance Chief

Phone: 9841205626

Landline: 01-5541902/5541903 (Ext: 106)


Bijay Lawati

IT Chief

Phone: 9804007583

Landline: 01-5541902/5541903 (Ext: 106)