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HOT PROPERTY FOR THE MONTH OF POUSH 2080Kandara Band or Kandara is a musical group from Pokhara, Nepal. The band formed in 1994 and takes its name after the Nepalese word for "a gorge or a cave in the middle of remote hills or mountains".Kandara is best known for helping to establish the folk-pop genre within the Nepalese music industry. With its distinctive melodies, simple, folk-based lyrics, and soulful vocal performance, the band has produced several songs such as: "Leka ki hey Maya," "Hongkong Pokhara," "Tagaroma rumal Rakhi," "Timi pari tyo Gauma," "Bideshiyera gaien Uni," and "Chanchale kanchhiko joban." The band is known for creating new lyrics for existing popular songs, emphasizing themes of nationalism, human misery, love, and nature. Kandara was among the first in the industry to collaborate with famous Nepalese poets and lyricists such as Sarubhakta Shrestha, Binod Gauchan and Ramesh Shrestha to write lyrics .

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