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Sudarshan Thapa

Name:- Sudarshan Thapa [Director/actor].

Date of birth:- 6th sept.

Birth place:- Kathmandu


Sudarshan thapa is a relevant actor and director who has completed diploma in film industry 2059 B.S.and played as a lead actor in ‘Dalan’ series in 2062,which was broadcasted in Nepal television and as a director in ‘houseful’ series,which was broadcasted in kantipur television. In movie initially he directed movie ‘MERO EUTA SATHI CHHA’[Director]in 2066 and continued with ‘KE YO MAYA HO’[Director]in 2068, ‘MERO LOVE STORY’[Director]in 2068, ‘DHANDA’[Director]in 2069, ‘MADHUMAS’[Director/producer]in 2070, ‘AJHAI PANI’[Lead actor/producer]in 2071, ‘CHANKHE SHANKHE PANKHE’ [Director/actor]in 2071. He is awarded with debut director from MERO EUTA SATHI CHHA in NEFTA AWARD and BOX OFFICE AWARD and also awarded as best director from DHANDA in NEFTA AWARD..

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