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Divya Dev

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Divya Dev is primarily a theatre actor based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has been active in Nepali theatre scene since 2010. He has worked extensively under American director Dr. Deborah Merola. Most of his theatre works include some of the most performed British and American plays. He is awaiting the theatrical release of his movies Chiso Ashtray, Rudane and Hijo Aaja Ka Kura.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE THEATRE CREDITS ❖ HAMLET(2016) Lead Role ❖ ANNA IN THE TROPICS(2016) Lead Role ❖ MID SUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (2017) Lead Role ❖ GOLDEN BOY (2017) Supporting Role❖ SAME TIME NEXT YEAR(2018) Lead Role ❖ TRUE WEST(2019) Lead RoleFILM CREDITS Upcoming feature length movies include; ❖ CHISO ASHTRAY (Leading Role) ❖ RUDANE (Leading Role) ❖ HIJO AAJA KA KURA(Leading Role) ❖ THE SECRET OF RADHA (Supporting Role) ❖ KIYA (Supporting Role) ❖ LADY WITH FANGS AND MUSTACHE (Supporting Role) About Chiso Ashtray—-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chiso Ashtray (Cold Ashtray) is a Nepali feature film Inspired by the legendary Nepali poet Bhupi Sherchan’s poem of the same name. Sherchan in his poem imagines Kathmandu as a ruthless pit that traps the residents within its four cliffs. People arrive into Kathmandu from all over Nepali villages with their hearts full of hope, and their eyes filled with dreams. But to survive in Kathmandu, they must conform to the city’s ruthless rules of modernity. In this hustle to be modern, the innocent change their values, their cultures, and their politics. Chiso Ashtray the film borrows from Sherchan’s idea of the city, and builds on it further. The film explores the true soul of Kathmandu questioning if Kathmandu is a cold ashtray or if it is actually a singing bowl?Chiso Ashtray is a postmodern drama that follows an innocent villager who dreams to make it big in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. But as he forces himself to be urban, to be modern, he risks losing his beliefs, his values, and his innocent soul to the ruthlessness of Kathmandu.

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