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Raj Timalsina

Actor: - Raj Timalsina

 Date of Birth: - 2038/05/26 B.S.

Birth Place: - Phulbari,Kavre,Bhakunde Besi

First Movie: - Faisala

Total Movies Acted: - 10 Till the date

Entry in Movie: - 2064 B.S.

Favourite Director:-Ukesh Dahal

Favourite Actress: - Rajesh Hamal,Karishma Manandhar

Favourite colour: - Green,Blue

My Favourite Havit; - I always wake up at 4 in the morning

I hate: - My habit to stay alone

Acting of my type: - Romantic

Fast dating: - in 2058 B.S I still remember but was not successful

First Kiss: - with the girlfriend

How was the entry: - from model of music video -2057 dancer, Tele film actor then movie actor

My Secret: - ssssss…..   !

Email: - [email protected]

I expect: - to act as a patriotic citizen.

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