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26, Singer, Songwriter
Growing up in a catholic family, I was lucky enough to be introduced to the church musical choir at a very young age. To pick a memory from my childhood, I remember playing the chime shaker that was given to kids in-attendance with full might, as I sang our church hymn with all my heart. A few of my cousins mocked me for being so ‘enthusiastic’ – the shy kid that I was, I remember not following through the act for a while. A priest in attendance, however, came smiling and congratulated my mother for having a ‘singer’ of a child. I silently reveled at the comment, as I hid behind my mom’s shawl. But week after week, I joyously sprung up on Saturday mornings to attend church mass only to sing my heart out. My love affair with music started early as a four-year-old. 
Music always blasted in high volumes inside my house; my two elder brothers—the diehard Beatles fans that they were, used to listen to their stars’ songs on repeat. I hadn’t yet learnt to speak in English, but I could sing and dance to all the Beatles song like a pro – or at least, so I assumed :D But it wasn’t until my high school that I performed my first song; My friends liking it gave me that much needed confidence boost. Then a series of contests, and pageants that I attended all demanded that I showcase a stage talent – singing, was my obvious choice. Then I was granted several assignments to perform in front of a live audience, which I believe has helped me a great deal in overcoming my stage fright. I am now looking forward to myendearing transition from performing cover numbers to my original songs. 
As young as a 17-year-old I have been telling my friends and family that I want to cut a music album – all that declarations have been more goofus than anything. I loved singing – that was a fact I had zeroed in on, but I needed my own songs to sing too, which I relentlessly asked my ‘important contacts’ to help me out with, but in vain. Plus, the responsibilities of duties came in the way, that, and many other very ‘valid sounding’ excuses. Until one day, I broke down, something or someone or some incident hurt me very much (which I can’t recall now, but it was a very serious situation for me at that time, believe me lol) … and with a flick of a second, I treaded into one of the most beautiful paths of my life. I started writing a song. Strumming the guitar, however little that I knew of it, I penned down my first song –‘ Biswas.’ I was surprised how easily I could express my feelings through a song, just as easily as I did so through my blog updates. I finally saw my musical career jumping back in the track of my life. 
A song – raw and young, takes on a full glory of beauty in the hands of music maestros. And RohitShakya (Jindabaad) of Fuzz Factory Productions took on that role for me. His beautiful arrangements of my songs make me the happiest girl. BikrantShrestha(Underside) and Abhishek KC (Underside) of Silent Recordings, and ShaileshShrestha of Range Records have all been instrumental in guiding and honing my first step in my musical career. Manoj Kumar KC (1974 AD) have always been my biggest strength and my trusted mentor when in comes to music. For the past decade, Manojdai like a dear big brother has taught me everything about music that I know of. Of course, I cannot go without mentioning how lucky I am to have a set of some of the most supportive friends and family. 
Being a singer and a performer is just going to be one of the many roles that I take on in life, of course, this being one that resounds with my heart. I am a journalist by profession (Bureau Chief at The Kathmandu Post Movers & Shakers), played national level basketball, crowned Miss Tourism Queen World in 2011, and represented Nepal at the Miss Tourism Asia in 2013. I have enjoyed all the facades of me, and all the exciting adventures life was kind enough to bring my way. 
Expressing myself through writing and the artistry of singing makes me feel one with the purpose of my life. It fulfills me, it makes me whole. And I couldn’t be happier to be merging two of my biggest passions as I take on the path of a musical career I have always dreamt of – with your help, and company, it should be a sweet one. 
‘Biswas’ is the first song that I wrote, and felt it should be honoured as my first single too. If plans fall into place, I will be releasing 3 more of my self-composed singles – before I release my first full-length album by Autumn of 2014. 
My songs are an extension of me. My thoughts, my feelings, my pulse.I bare my soul, my stories, in my songs. And I am anxioius, as much I am thrilled to be sharing it with you!


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