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Apsara Ghimire


Apsara Ghimire was born on 18 November to a Chhetri family in Udaypur Gaighat Bokse ward no 1, to father Padam Bahadur Ghimire and mother Nirmala Ghimire. Her family is based on Agriculture. She is the youngest among the family members with two sibling’s brother and one sister. She completed her schooling from Sri Bal Mandir School and currently in the 2nd year of musicl in "shree sangeet pathsala" in kalikasthan.

In Udaypur, Ghimire experienced the existence of several cultural programmes and social assemblages which facilitated the beginning of her musical style. A cultural inclination of her parents, family members and luck of having a mother for singing also accelerated her musical journey. Her mother used to sing glory of Lord Rama at home and she used to repeat by buzzing same song with infantile pronunciation. Apsara’s mother turned out to be her first music teacher, her first stage performance was at the early age of 6 at a cultural program entitled song “ Raato Tika Nidhar Ma”. “If you sing you get gifts and respects” which was infant thinking. It was always a hobby for her, but decided to take singing as a career in life. She entered Kathmandu a dream of city in 2010 to become a singer; it was bit difficult to get adjusted to a new place where she didn’t know anyone.   

Apsara Ghimire joined Sri Sangeet Pathsala and learned Hindustani classical music from Guru Chandi Kafle. She grew up singing Nepali song of Tara Devi, Ram Krishna Dhakal, Bhakta Raj Acharya, Sambhujeet Baskota, Sindu Malla and bollywood singers lata Mangeskar, Asha Bhosle, Shreya Ghosal etc. After being “Udayapur Idol” she set her mind to serve Nepali music industry with good singing. She says “Music has always been a good friend of mine and can’t think except music and I am in love with it.”

 She says “I listen to music carefully and try to grap as soon as possible when the lyrics are given  to me.”  She was given an a musical break by well known musician Mahesh Khadka at the age of 16 for a movie named” Mero Maan Ko Sathi” entitled song “ Hami Hedne Sunalo Bato” which yet was another turning point in play back singing in Kollywood movies. Her voice screened in big banner movies like War, Black Night, and Love is life and many more also rendered her voice to few collection albums too.

Apsara also mentioned her dream in getting establishment in the Nepali music industry and exploring the diverse forms of music, by getting an independent album and bring out a new concept of music, so that the dullness and monotony of music vanishes. She also says “An identity of a singer is her album.” Her upcoming album "Monsoon" will soon get released which includes five songs with different taste of genre like folk, romantic, classical based and pop to prove versatility in singing.

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