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Saathi band

Sanjeev shrestha
Father Name: - Madhav shrestha
Date of Birth: - 5/5/2033
Place of Birth: - Darjeeling, Kurseong
Sex: - Male
Marital Statue: - Married
Languages: - Nepali, English, Newari
Experiences: - Given live concert in stage programs
                             in many different places inside Nepal.
First Recorded Songs: - Tyasari Nahera
Band Name: - Saathi
Band Formed in: - 2056
Name of Band Members: - Sanjeev Shrestha, Chhembel Lama
Favorite Singer: - Narayan Gopal,Arun Thapa, Karna Das
Education: - S.L.C. 2050
                     School charikot,Dolakha  BBS Running
Favorite Music: - Soft and sentimental
Chhembel Lama
Father Name: -Utup Lama
Date of Birth: -2033/2/25
Place of Birth: -humla,muchu VDC-6
Sex: -Male
Marital Statue: - Married
Languages: -Nepali, Tibetan, hindi
Experiences: -Give live concerts on stage programs
First Recorded Songs: -"O Meri Sapna Ki Rani"with my first band Prabhat
 Band Name: -saathi
Band Formed in: -2056
Favorite Singer: -Most specially late Mr.Arun Thapa

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