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Madan Century

Born in 2046 B.S, Madan Century, the hot shot for the month of Falgun on Radio Kantipur Radio Rastrako has a story of his own but with a few twists that even he had not imagined. He comes from Panchthar. His love for music had an early start rooting right back to his schooldays. However, it was not until 2064 B.S. when he started taking formal music lessons in Nagarik Sangeet Bidhyalaya in Damak.

His story took a sharp turn when he got married to his college lover, Pushpika Rai. This inter-cast audacity could not withstand social pressure and both were compelled to migrate to Kathmandu. Madan then started taking music lessons from famous singer/musician Manoj Raj Shiwakoti but eventually economic realities set in. He decided to go overseas for employment since it was hard for him to sustain his family and continue music at the same time which was when his life took another sharp turn, probably the one that he had not even dreamt of.

He reached UAE on Baisakh 11th, 2072 B.S and the next day as we all painfully know was the huge earthquake. This however was more painful for Madan than for many of us because unfortunately he lost the love of his life, his wife Pushpika Rai in the catastrophe. Madan was in no state of mind to stay in UAE and hence returned back home, the one that was no more for him. All that was left for him was music. He then mustered all that was left in him and sang this beautiful song “Chudai Lagyo” as a tribute to his love.

Madan hopes this is a new beginning for him and so do we (Radio Kantipur).

Aashish KC

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