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Arjan Pandey

Arjan Pandey was born on 20th of March to a Brahmin family in Kathmandu to father Niroj Pandey and mother Anu Pandey. His family is based on business. He is the youngest among the family members with one sibling sister. He completed his schooling from DAVSKVB and did his highschool from Infinity College. Currently he is persuing his bachelors degree in Information Technology (IT) from The British College.

During his highschool days, he used to take part in various cultural programs and social assemblages. Arjan belongs to clan of the Legends Hari Prasad Rimal and Gopal Prasad Rimal. The encouragement of family members and friends intend him to do something good. During his childhood, he used to listen to all genre of music. He is more into bikes and cars.

Wanting to do something different and see different in the field of Nepali music, he then planned to have a song recorded in Nepali where he happened to meet composer/Arranger Kiran Kandel. Though he was influenced with the western music it was easy for Kiran Kandel to have a composed made with lyrics by the vetron Kali Prasad Rijal entitled song “Mero ghar ma na aunu hai”.

Arjan also mentioned his dream in getting established in the Nepali music industry and exploring diverse forms of music by getting an independent album and bring out new concept of music so that the dullness and monotomy of music vanishes in coming New Year 2072 with the new album.

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