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Kobid Bazra

- D O B 1991/11/15 (KTM)

- Studying Ethnomusicology at Kathmandu University Department of   Music

- Working at Bajra Creation Records, Babarmahal, Kathmandu (active   for 5 years by now)

- Recording Projects with Dharmendra Sewan, Reshma   Sunuwar, Santosh Lama, Sujata Sitaula, etc.

- Movie Music Projects - SPARSHA (currently on the   production)

- Also working on multi-cultural music project with Yun Ge Man Cultural Communication, Kunming, China (1 year music contract)

Kobid Bazra’s creation is mostly love songs, yet the track “Chari", which you can listen only on radio kantipur this month of asar, depicts the comparison of life of a person and a bird. He also belongs to a musical family from which he got the inspiration. As he said his music idol is his dad who is very popular music director of Nepal, Mr. Biju Bajra. Mr. Bajra opened a studio and Kobid has been learning ever since. After that he started working and making songs since last five years actively, mostly music arranging.

The songs he has made for himself which are on SoundCloud are partly relationship experience and partly musical inspiration from artists like John Mayer, Glen Hansard, Rachel Sermanni. The time he composed this song Chari, he was studying music in KU. And there he got influenced by other senior musicians like Rizu Tuladhar, Lochan Rijal, Prabhu Dhakal, Bharat Nepali.

About future plans, he wants to pursue further studies in the field and wish to go up to Doctorate degrees and keep producing music. he wants to keep practicing different ethnic elements in his music, that can be heard in his other songs.

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