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April Rush

Acoustic, soulful and smooth… Exactly the words that spring into one’s mind when a beautiful duo of Yankey Ongmu Lepcha Rai and Rajat Rai sprinkle their magic of music. They call themselves “April Rush” and they have come up with their debut single “tyo hawa”. However, this is not their debut in music by any means. They have been enthralling people with their soothing and mellow sound since 2006.
Rajat Rai (Guitarist and backing vocals) has also worked in one of the more popular jazz bands of Nepal Cadenza which also means improvisation, the essence of which can purely be heard in the music of April Rush too. Meanwhile, Yankey’s soulful voice gives their music a perfect blend.

Almost a decade into music and finally they have come out with their first original single. This song certainly represents the brand of music that they like to play and create and there is a growing optimism about this song being the one to uniquely map April Rush to the higher ranks of Nepali musical industry.

By : Aashish KC

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