Sunday, March 29, 2020

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Urgen Lama

Urgen Lama (born December 24, 1978 A.D. / Poush 9th 2035 B.S.) is a Nepali singer-songwriter and composer. He was born in Pokhari, Narayansthan, Kavre, and raised in Katmandu, Nepal. He made his entry in the music field officially from the date of 2066 B.S. (2009 A.D.).
He came in Kathmandu to struggling for music and played tabala in Band. He is interested to learn tabala, but only only for six months after his Music Teacher (Guru) expire, he together with his friends formed a Band named ‘Eternal’ where he was one among Lead vocalist. The band was getting some positive response in the year of its formation (2051 B.S.) and as a result, they released the band’s first album titled “Pal Pal Ma” in the year 2052 B.S. Then there was a long halt in the musical career. But even this couldn’t stop him from doing music. Though he was grounded, he took this time as productive time and started rehearsing and practicing music. Eventually, he made up his mind to do a solo Album. He had polished his skills in singing

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