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Krishna Hari Baral

Krishna Hari Baral
Krishna Hari Baral was born in a middle-class family on 4 January 1954 inHatpate,  Sindhuli, Nepal.  His father, Khadananda Baral was a farmer and his mother, Padma Kumari Baral died early in his childhood. He started writing lyric poetry when he was in grade five.
Here, he was exposed to Hindi movies, which often had songs with melodious tunes and great lyrics. In 1973, he first published two lyrics in Usha magazine.
After completing undergraduate studies in Janakpur, he moved to Kathmandu in 1977. The same year, his lyrics ‘Ma Bhakta Hu Yo Desko (I am a devotee of this nation)' was sung and recorded for the first time in Radio Nepal. He got married in 1981 to Sushma Baskota. He completed Masters Degree and PhD in Nepali from Tribhuwan University. Currently he is a professor of Nepali literature at Central Department of Nepali, Tribhuwan University.
He has written books of linguistics, collection of lyric poetry, and literary criticism. He has co-written course books on Nepali from grade one to masters Level also. He published many of his books after 1994, which include 'Bhasa Bigyan Ra Nepali Bhasa (Linguistics and Nepali Language)' in 1994, followed by 'Sandristi (Critique Collection)' and, 'Upanyas Sidhdhanta ra Nepali Upanyas (Theory of Novel and Nepali Novels)' in 1999, 'Kabi Bhupi: Bishleshan ra Mulyankan (Poet Bhupi: Analysis and Evaluation)' in 2001, 'Geet Sidhdhanta Ra Itihas (Theory and History of Lyrics)' in 2004, and 'Bastuparak Samalochana (Objective Critique)' in 2005. His lyrics collections are 'Ek Phool, Anek Patra (Single Flower, Myriad Mails)' published in 1995 and 'Geetkar Krishnahari Baral: Srijana ra Samalochana (Lyricist Krishnahari Baral: Creation and Critique)' published in 2002. The latest among his books is 'Ghazal: Sidhdanta Ra Parampara (Ghazal: Theory and Chronicle)', published in 2008.
Almost 400 of them have been recorded. He has contributed many solo albums, numerous published songs, and two song collections. Some critics have even called him ‘magician of words’ and ‘lyricist of lyricists’. He has received most of the nation’s major awards for his contribution in song writing, which include the ‘Chhinnalata Musical Award (2000 AD)’, the ‘Nai Kalanidhi Musical Award (1999 AD)’ and many others. Recently, by Kantipur FM, a leading FM station, he was named to be the lyricist whose songs were aired the most throughout a year.

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