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Ganesh Rasik

Date of Birth:                        Ashwin 4th 2044

Place of Birth:                      Naulagaun, Chinamukh-5, Bhojpur

Father:                                   Narottam Rai

Mother:                                  Ratnamaya Rai

Wife:                                       Nira Rasik Rai

Ganesh Rasik Rai is not a new name in Nepali art and literature. His admirers know him as just Ganesh Rasik. His collection of stories, novels and songs evidently speak volumes about him. His works have been well acknowledged and the number of awards and honors he has received have well-decorated his career that which arguably stands second to none.

Originally from Naulagaun, Chinamukh-5, Bhojpur, he is a well-educated man and holds a B.A degree. He had worked as the president of Shree Ratna Recording Institute, Sanskritik Sansthan and Sajha Prakashan, places where he had cumulatively contributed for 12 years. A prolific writer, singer, songwriter and a social worker, Ganesh Rasik over the years has added many dimensions to his personality and continues to do so.

His popular literatures:

  • Kshitizlai Chhuna Khojda                 (Collection of Stories)
  • Euta Sarangibhitra                           (Collection of Stories)
  • Dusgajaamaa Ubhiyera                                  
  • Swaadhintaako Pida                        (Collection of Songs)

His popular music:

  • Mero atit                                              (Audio cassette)
  • Antaraal (I and II)                                (Audio cassette)
  • Timraa Sapanaahru       
  • Saaili


  • Shubha Raajyaabhishek Padak     (2031)
  • Gorkha Dakshin Baahu (4th)          (2031)
  • Ratnashree Swarna Padak            (2044)
  • Birendra Aishwarya Padak            (2045)
  • Gaddhi Aarohan Padak                 (2053)
  • Naagarik Sewa Padak                   (2053)

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