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Prem Dhoj Pradhan

Date of Birth: 6th June 1938

Place: Sindhupalchowk, Chautara.

Grandfather: Uttar Dhoj Pradhan
Father: Ratna Dhoj Pradhan
Mother: Pran Devi Pradhan
Stepmother: Ganga Devi Pradhan
Occupation(s): Singer

Prem Dhoj Pradhan is a Nepalese musician, born in 1938 in Chautara, a small town 28 miles east of Kathmandu. He is a singer, composer, and a regional playback singer. He sings in the two major languages of Nepal, Newari and Nepali. He is also known as the Golden Voice and King of Romantic Melodies of Nepal.  His mother, Pran Devi Pradhan, taught him his first lessons of music. He learned basic classical music in 1954 from the late Mr. Ganesh Lal Shrestha for fifteen months. It was from Nepal’s laureate of music that Prem Dhoj learned the fundamentals of classical music. However, for the most part Prem Dhoj remains a self-educated artist because for him music is both discipline and relaxation in a constant journey of self-expression.

Prem Dhoj was barely sixteen when he participated in a voice test sponsored by Radio Nepal. The first song he sang was Yad Kasaikko Aairahecha Yo Andheri Ratama. He enthralled audiences with songs like a maun nisha ka tara ho, Magmagaundo Basana yo phoola ko hoki timro ho, Niraba Ratma Aanshu bhahai, O chhu galli thow chhu galli, and Rajamati Kumati. Prem Dhoj became the most sought-after artist by organizers of cultural programs in Nepal. It seemed as if his songs had lent self-expression to the turbulent inner urges of a whole generation of Nepalese youth. The young artist was, however, searching for a fitting style and technique that would help in the flowering of his musical talents. By 1957 he was still wavering between patriotic songs (led by songs like yo Nepali Shir Wuchali (this was the first Nepali duet song with Tara Devi ever recorded on Radio Nepal.) and between romantic melodies of lost love.

These days Prem Dhoj wakes up at 5:00 A.M. every day, places holy water in front of his parents’ photos and goes to feed the pigeons. He follows with a short session of yoga and some light exercise and a walk. He practices riyaz (voice practice) for an hour every day. A vegetarian by choice Prem Dhoj loves curd and stays away from salt on Sundays, which he believes has been very beneficial for his health.


His Popular songs

1.    Goreto Tyo Gaunko

2.    Ghumtima Naau Hai

3.    Maya Namara Mayalu

4.    Tara Matrai Haina Timilai

5.    Para Laijau Fulaharu

6.    Yo nani ko siraima

7.    Namana Laj yestari

8.    Timilai achel Kahan vetun

9.    Yo Nepali Shir Wuchali (Duet with Tara Devi )

10.  Kati Mitho Kalkale Pani

11.  Lagda cha Mana Timi Kahan Auna

12.  Tori Phulyo




1.    Received best Professional Singer Award from His Majesty King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Deva for the participation in Chaitra 20, 2021 B.S.

2.    Gorkha Dakshin Bahu Chautha

3.    Bikhyat Trisathi Patta

4.    Received best Playback Singer Award among the films produced from 2035 to 2045 B.S.

5.    Received Chhinnalata Puraskar in 2047 B.S.

6.    Received Bhupal Man Singh Karki Puraskar in 2058 B.S.

7.    Received 'Narayan Gopal Sangeet Summan' from Lunkaran-Ganga CSKM, November 2002

8.    Received Sor- Samrat Esmriti Samman from Narayan Gopal Sangeet Kosh B.S.2064

9.    Received Gayak Puspa Nepali Esmriti Samman 2062 B.S

10.  Received Natikaji Bishes Sangeet Samman. Presented by Natikaji Esmriti samaj. 2066 B.S.


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