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Nepathya is one name in Nepali Music – which has gained consistent popularity and social recognition. During the past 25 years of its existence- Nepathya has been the trendsetter. They have been the pioneers to blend folk melodies into youth friendly pop and rock format. Folk melodies have remained the life force of Nepathya.

Apart from folk, Nepathya’s songs also portray contemporary Nepal – its pain at times of war and distress, and yet the ray of hope an artist sees and imagines of…


Critics address Nepathya as the Most Earthy Nepali Band.



A.        Band – background info


Formed in 1990 by Deepak Rana (now a Chopper pilot), Bhim Poon (now settled in Hong Kong) and Amrit Gurung, Nepathya has in these 24 years provided platform to many musicians.

It has seen 21 new faces come and go, but the name Nepathya and it’s popularity still exists with consistency.

Nepathya has been a platform for talented musicians. As music is yet to become a sustainable form of profession in Nepal, long-term commitments from musicians remain rare.


Amrit Gurung has remained the guardian, leader and currently the lead vocalist of Nepathya.

With 9 albums to its credit, Nepathya from its Chekyo Chekyo days (release early 90s) to Jomsome Bazaarma (release mid 90s) to Resham (release 2001) to Bhedako Oon Jasto (release 2003) has maintained its consistency in the market.

Nepathya’s 7th album was called 'Ghatana … incidents of Nepal'. Ghatana was a musical expression of Nepal as Nepalese lived through 2003-2005 conflict struck Nepal.


8th album (2010) – Mero Desh is a compilation of songs based on Nepathya’s musical expression of current Nepal. Few songs are fresh and newly recorded, few are from it’s back catalogue which Nepathya still thinks is relevant and few have come in re-arranged and re-recorded forms.


Nepathya last album (2010) – Aina Jhyal is a continuity of Nepthya’s folk rock genre. An outcome of Amrit’s travel to the villages and the positive and peaceful direction the nation is heading after conflict and political transition.


B.        Albums released


  1. Nepathya - 1991  ( featuring Barashat ko mausom )
  2. Himal chuchure - 1993 (featuring Chekyo chekyo, Eouta chitthi)
  3. Min pachas ma - 1995 (featuring Jomsome bazar ma, Chari Mario shisai ko goli le)
  4. Shringar – 1997 (featuring Saruma rani, Yarling, Yatra)
  5. Resham - 2001 (featuring  Resham, Yo Zindagani)
  6. Bhedako oon Jasto - 2003 (featuringBheda ko Oon…, Sa…, Taalko Pani)
  7. Ghatana (Incidents of Nepal) - 2005 (featuring - Ghatana)
  8. Mero Desh – my country – 2010 (featuring Mero desh, Rangeen Chara, Aama)
  9. Aina Jhyal - 2010 (featuring – Jogale Huncha Bheta, Salaijo, Siranma Photo cha)


C.        SOCIAL CONCERT TOURS in NEPAL during 2001 - 2012


o   SHANTI ko Lagi SIKCHYA  (“Education for Peace”) Tour 2002

      After the enforcement of the State of Emergency in 2001, Nepal’s entertainment sector had come to a stand still. Politics was entering schools thus directly affecting small school kids. Nepathya stood out and went on a tour- when travelling alone was considered risky. The tour had a call – “Education for Peace”. All funds collected (approx. Nepalese rupees 400,000 ) were donated to public schools in the venue cities for building libraries.    


  1. Pokhara   ( 12th March 2002 )
  2. Narayanghat  (  14th March 2002 )
  3. Hetauda  (  16th March 2002 )
  4. Biratnagar  ( 19th March 2002 )
  5. Kathmandu ( 30th March 2002)


  • SUNDAR SHANTA NEPAL - Shanti Sangeet Yatra 2059 - Travelling Peace Concert 2003.

This travelling Peace concert has remained as a historic event in the musical scene of Nepal.

No event of such magnitude has been organised in Nepal yet.

All 6 venues were filled to capacity. The smallest crowd on the concert tour reached 15,000 while in one place the crowd turnout reached 50,000.

This peace tour was organised at time when The Peace talks were on the process between The Government and the Maoists. And this tour was commented upon as a clear referendum for peace.

The Tour was organised and managed by nepa~laya in association with Himal Association – a not for profit organisation.


During this tour the Band along with other solo artists (Deep Shrestha, Kunti Moktan, Prem Rana ‘Autari’, Ram Thapa, Sapana Shree, and Sukmit Gurung) performed Open Air concerts to an altogether 200,000 audience in 14 days. All the programmes except Mahendranagar was broadcast live on Local Radio as well – making it’s reach to millions.


  1. Dharan (22nd Feb. 2003)
  2. Hetauda (24th Feb. 2003)
  3. Butwal (26th Feb. 2003)
  4. Mahendranagar (1st March 2003)
  5. Dang (3rd March 2003)
  6. Kathmandu (8th March 2003)


o   SHANTI ko Lagi SIKCHYA  (“Education for Peace”) Tour 2004

As education sector was repeatedly being used and violated by the warring parties in the country- and very less voice was coming in protest – Nepathya once again came out and toured the Nation advocating for violence and politics free Educational Institution.

This time Nepathya planned to go to 15 cities in the country and they did.

Except for one show which had to be cancelled due to a Strike Called by The Maoist party. The tour further faced 8 continuous days of strikes (bandhs) and blockades imposed by the Maoists and other Political Parties, during the 29 travel days planned for the Tour. However the Tour finally completed with 15 shows in 14 cities within the planned period. 


The tour travelled to:


  1. Tulshipur, Dang (27th April)
  2. Dhangadi, Kailali (29th April)
  3. Butwal, Rupandehi (3rd March)
  4. Bhairahawa, Rupendehi (4th March)
  5. Pokhara, Kaski (6th March)
  6. Palpa, Tanahu (8th March)
  7. Bigunj, Parsa (10th March)
  8. Dharan, Sunsari (13h March)
  9. Dhulabari, Jhapa (14th March)
  10. Damak, Jhapa (15th March)
  11. Janakpur, Dhanusha (17th March)
  12. Hetauda, Makwanpur (20th March)
  13. Naraynghat, Chitwan (22nd March)
  14. Kathmandu (28th March)
  15. Kathmandu (29th March)


  • SUNDAR SHANTA NEPAL - Shanti Sangeet Yatra 2062 –

Travelling Peace Concert 2005.


This travelling Peace concert 2005 achieved yet another milestone in the history of Nepali musical scene. The event became the longest musical concert series in the history of Nepal at the time and directly catered to 300,000 plus audience in more than 8 venues across the country. All 8 venues were filled to capacity.

This peace tour was organised at time when the Maoist had declared a unilateral ceasefire. People's presence for the concert was commented upon as a clear referendum for peace. The peace concert in Charikot was also covered by BBC world service TV, Radio and website.

The Tour was organised and managed by nepa~laya in association with Himal Association – a not for profit organisation.


During this tour the Band along with other solo artists (Om Bikram Bista, Meera Rana, Kunti Moktan, Sapana Shree, Satya Raj Acharya, Swaroop Raj Acharya and Jyoti Ghimire) performed Open Air concerts to more than 300,000 audiences in 17 days. All the programmes except Hetauda, Dhangadi and Charikot was broadcast live on Local Radio as well – making it’s reach to millions. The final program in Bhaktapur was telecast live on TV as well.


  1. Birtamod (15th Oct. 2005)
  2. Hetauda (17th Oct. 2005)
  3. Dang, Ghorahi (19th Oct. 2005)
  4. Dhangadi (21st Oct. 2005)
  5. Palpa (24th Oct. 2005)
  6. Damauli (26th Oct. 2005)
  7. Dolakha, Charikot (28th Oct. 2005)
  8. Bhaktapur (30th Oct. 2005)


  • Nepathya for All – series – 2006

"Nepathya for all" – is a series of concert planned at shelter homes and rehabilitation centres which are homes for disadvantaged community. Those who have interest but cannot attend concert for various reasons such as – Financial, Physical, mental, Social etc…

Nepathyta during 2006 visited 6 such places where it incorporated and entertained such community.

Shows performed under this series were:


  1. At Maiti Nepal – for Children, Girls and Women living at this Shelter and Rehabilitation Center. Children living here are a combination of orphans to conflict victims. Girls and Women are survivors rescued from Brothels in India. Some of them including children are HIV positive patients.
  2. At CPCS – for Street Children
  3. At Bal Mandir – a government run orphanage
  4. At UCEP Rugmark Shelter – for rescued child labour / bonded labours
  5. for a group of sight and hearing impaired
  6. for a group of Mentally disabled children


o   SHANTI ko Lagi SIKCHYA  (“Education for Peace”) Tour 2006/07

As a continuity to it's concert series – Nepathya travelled to 15 places of the country during December 2006 – February 2007. This time the band performed 25 shows in 15 venues. As the tour approached communal disturbance was creeping in Nepal. Hence along with advocating and appealing for politics and violence free educational institutions, Amrit kept on appealing for harmony among all.


  1. Narayanghat (22nd and 23rd December 2006)
  2. Damak – Jhapa (25th and 26th Dec.)
  3. Dhankuta (28th Dec.)
  4. Lahan (30th and 31st Dec.)
  5. Hetauda (2nd and 3rd Jan 2007)
  6. Butwal (5th and 6th Jan)
  7. Dhangadhi (8th and 9th Jan)
  8. Surkhet (11th Jan)
  9. Sandhikharka (13th Jan.)
  10. Tamghas – Gulmi (16th and 17th Jan)
  11. Pokhara (19th and 20th Jan)
  12. Besisahar – Lamjung (22nd Jan)
  13. Trisuli Bazar (24th and 25th Jan)
  14. Jiri – Dolakha (27th Jan)
  15. Kathmandu (30th and 31st Jan)



o   SHANTI ko Lagi SIKCHYA  (“Education for Peace”) Tour 2012

Nepathya travelled to 10 places of the country during January 2012. This was the 4th edition of their concert series – Nepathya ‘education for Peace’ Tour.


  1. Hetauda (3rd Jan 2012)
  2. Fikkal – Ilam (5th Jan.)
  3. Sindhulimadi – Sindhuli (7th Jan)
  4. Nepalgunj (9th Jan)
  5. Dhangadhi (11th Jan)
  6. Butwal (13th Jan)
  7. Waling – Syangja (15th Jan)
  8. Baglung (17th Jan)
  9. Pokhara (19th Jan)
  10. Gorkha (21st Jan)


o   Nepathya SHANTI ko Lagi SIKCHYA  (“Education for Peace”) Tour 2013

Nepathya again travelled to 11 new places of the country during December 2013. They concluded their concert series with a finale concert in Patan Durbar Square. This was the 5th edition of their concert series – Nepathya ‘education for Peace’ Tour.

1. Ratnanagar  - Chitwan(6th Dec 2013)

            2. Birat Chowk – Morang (8th Dec)

  1. Damak – Jhapa (10th Dec)
  2. Lalbandi – Sarlahi (12th Dec)
  3. Taulihawa – Kapilbastu (14th Dec)
  4. Gulariya – Bardia (16th Dec)
  5. Lamahi – Dang (18th Dec)
  6. Abu Khaireni – Tanahu (20th Dec)
  7. Beni – Myagdi (22nd Dec)
  8. Gagan Gauda – Kaski (24th Dec)
  9. Patan – Lalitpur (29th Dec)



D.        Concerts beyond Nepal by  Nepathya since 2002


  1. India (Shillong)  (4th May 2002)
  2. Sikkim, India (Gantok and Namche) - May 2002
  3. Hongkong - (Tsuen Wan Auditorium) - October 2002
  4. Hongkong - (Yuen Long Auditorium) - October 2002
  5. Phoenix, AZ, USA – 4th July 2004

- Nepathya was invited to close the ANA (Association of the Nepalese in the Americas) Convention.

  1. Washington DC, USA – 9th July 2004
  2. Seoul, South Korea (Catholic University auditorium) - 9th February 2005
  3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands (De Griffioen, Cultural Centre of the Free University of Amsterdam) -  4th Nov. 2005

Nepathya performed as an opening act to the Himalaya Film Festival. The festival featured more than 50 documentaries from the Himalayan region. The festival had three documentaries showcased on Nepathya.

9. Antwerp, Belgium (Arenberg Schouwburg auditorium) - 13th Nov. 2005

                  - Nepathya became the first ever Nepali band to perform live in Belgium.

10. World Village Festival – Helsinki, Finland – 28th May 2006

- Nepathya was invited as the main performer for this yearly festival in Helsinki. The theme of the festival was – Villagers of the World Unite.

            11. India Social Forum – New Delhi, India – 13th November 2006

12. Rock the Boat – Musical Concert – India International Centre – New Delhi - 7th Dec 2007

- this show was to mark the launch of UN's regional programme on activism to prevent Gender based violence.

13. Nepathya in Australia – January 2009 – Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

14. Hong Kong  - Yuen Long Auditorium – February 2010.

15. South Korea  - Don Guk University Auditorium – September 2010

16. Pakhyoung, Sikkim – St. Xavier’s School Ground – November 2010

17. South Asian Bands Festival – Old Fort, New Delhi – December 2010

18. Tel AvivIsrael – August 2011

19. Hong Kong – Tuen Wan Auditorium – 25th February 2012

20.Nepathya Music for Unity Australia tour 2012 – Brisbane on 5th April (Princess Theatre), 

     Adelaide on 7th April (Fowlers Live), Melbourne on 9th April (Dallas Brooks Centre) and

    Sydney on 14th April (Sydney Town Hall)

21. Wembley Arena, London, United Kingdom – 3rd August 2013 – Nepathya Music for Unity

22. Hongkong - Yuen Long Auditorium – 26th October 2013, Dhampus Swarnim Sanjh –        Nepathya solo concert in aid of blacktopping of road to Dhampus.

24. Seoul, South Korea – Sinheoung University Covered Hall – 7th October 2014 – Nepathya Concert in aid of Nepal Magar Sangh, Korea

25. Doha, Qatar – Westend Park Amphitheatre – 19th September 2014

26. Bangalore, India – RR institutions Ground – 22nd March 2015

27. Nepathya Australia Tour – April 2015 – Perth (4th April-HBF Stadium), Sydney (11th April-   Big Top Auditorium), Brisbane(15th April-Brisbane Show Grounds), Darwin (18th April-Filipino Community Hall) , Melbourne (26th April-Melbourne Town Hall)

28. Tokyo, Japan – 5th May 2015 – Aprico Hall, Kamata

29. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 21st May 2015 – Al Nasr Leisure Land

30. London, United Kingdom – 8th August 2015, O2 Academy

31. New York, United States of America – 29th August 2015, Manhattan Centre – Hammerstein Ballroom




  E.      Social Commitment ( Fund raisers)

- Nepathya has always been considered a Socially Aware Band.

With the Ticket Proceedings of The “Shanti ko Lagi Sikchya tour 2002Nepathya contributed a sum close to NPRs. 400,000 to five partner schools, for educational infrastructure development.


- During the 2004 tour of Nepathya 'Education for Peace' – sum close to NPRs. 1,500,000 was donated to local school.


- Nepathya has also helped raise a sum close to 500,000 rupees to SIRC (Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre) from a concert held at the premises of Nepal Disabled Association on 16th October 2004.


- From Nepathya Tour 2006/07, Nepathya helped raise an additional NPRs. 1,500,000 for schools and social organization. In addition to this the band performed 10 shows free of cost for school children and physically challenged children.


- Through Concerts tours – Sundar Shnata Nepal – 2003 and 2005 – Nepathya were instrumental in contributing around NPRs. 1,500,000 for various schools and social organisations.


-From Nepathya Tour 2012, Nepathya helped raise about NPR.1,000,000 for schools and local organisers. 


-From the Nepathya Education for Peace tour in 2013, Nepathya helped raise another NPR 10,00,000 for various schools and social organisations.


-From their concert in Melbourne, Tokyo and Dubai, Nepathya helped raise over 4 million NPR for Nepal Earthquake Victims.


F.         Nepathya in Documentaries

            It is not common for Musician’s effort to receive Full length Documentary exposure. However with Nepathya it has happened several times.            


            1. Bhedako Oon Jasto… in search of a song – 56 min. dir. Kiran Krishna Shrestha - 2003

This award winning documentary explains the folk melody research process of Nepathya. This documentary has won wide appreciation and awards at International Film Festivals and has now travelled to more than 50 places.


2. Leave Our Schools Alone –  46 min. dir. Dinesh Deokota - 2004

This film covers Nepathya’s Nationwide Peace Concert Tour _ Nepathya – Shnatiko Lagi Sikchya Tour 2004. This film focuses on how the tour moved ahead and shared messages of peace and brotherhood to the Countrymen living across the Nation. The main appeal being No politics in schools – Leave our Schools Alone.


3. Sa Karnali… through Dolpa- 55 min. dir. Kiran Krishna Shrestha - 2006

This documentary covers the shooting of a music video Sa...Karnali from Nepathya's album 'Bhedako Oon Jasto'. The documentary was shot in the Dolpo region while Nepathya's music video Sa.. Karnali was being shot. This documentary was even shown at a Cinema Hall during October 2006, where it ran for 2 weeks.


4. Musican's Call – 40 mins. dir. Padam Bajracharya - 2008

This is a documentation of Nepathya's 3rd edition of nationwide concert tour – Nepathya "education for peace" tour 2006/07. The film focuses on the travel and musical element observed during the tour.  

  1. Beyond the Horizon – 40 mins. Dir Shashank Shrestha – 2014

Nepathya’s Education for Peace Tour 2013 was documented in a travel formatted documentary focussing on the rural areas the band travelled to the theme message. Back stage activities along with the bands focus on the peace was the idea behind the documentary. This was Nepathy’s 5th edition of the Education for Peace series.


G.        Soundtrack


Music and songs from Nepathya’s album Ghatana was used as soundtrack for the documentary -  Frames of War (Dir. Kesang Tseten / Prem BK - 2009)



H.        Major online links on Nepathya coverage on English Media (for reference):


  1. BBC:
  2. BBC :
  3. Nepathya on BBC World Service:
  4. NepaliTimes (series of write ups available at):

  1. Nepathya raises above 4 million rupees for Nepal Earthquake victims -
  2. On ekantipur (web portal of Nepal’s largest media house – Kantipur Publications):

  1. Latest on Republica :
  2. On Hindu (India’s leading newspaper):
  3. For video: search on You Tube – key word - nepathya / Amrit Gurung

Facebook: nepathyaoffical /
Twitter: @nepathya_band / @amritnepathya



For further info contact:


nepa~laya *

+977 1 4412469, 4412395

[email protected] 

*nepa~laya is the official management company for Nepathya


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