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Yashoda Parajuli

Yashoda Parajuli is a singer who started her     

career since a childhood stage. In a very early

age, she started singing songs in a school level.

She achieved musical degree in teen age. She

did B.Mus. in classical singing from Bhatkhande

Sangit Vidyapith Lakhanau, India. She achieved

best singer of Manipur India in 1987.

After her +2 examination of college she started

to sing Nepali song in Radio Nepal. First Radio

Nepal's recorded song "Din Dhalyo Aandheri

Rat ma" is very famous and popular in Neplease

Music field.

She performed her music in various countries

Hong Kong, India, China, Macaw, Qatar etc.

She has four albums till yet "Gauko Maya,

Sahayatra, Furshad Ma and Latest

Sambhanda" and more than 100 songs on

different media, albums. Her new just

recorded song Kasto Sambandha has been

selected as a Hot Property for this month in

Radio Kantipur. She awarded musical award


from various organizations. She won Dharti Ka

Geet Prize, Classical music competition from

Radio Nepal, Nai KalaNidhi Sangit Samman,

Honkong Neplease Federation Samman etc.


Birthday: 25 march

Qualification: B.A., B. Muse.

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