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Deepak Bajracharya

Ethnic Nepal
Imadole, Lalitpur
[email protected]
Much Awaited Documentary 
“Cream of Rhythm” Showcasing
Visual documentation on changed musical journey of Deepak Bajracharya
Kathmandu: Today, Ethnic Nepal Foundation, organization working for traditional musical instruments preservation and awareness, is showcasing a much awaited documentary “Cream of Rhythm”. The documentary will be showcased in presence of Ambassadors, dignitaries, culture experts, music artists and media. The 30 minutes documentary will be showcased followed by refreshment and interaction.
“Cream of Rhythm” is the outcome of five years effort by Deepak Bajracharya and his band members. It covers the transformation of popular pop singer into the musical artist who realized the originality of Nepal in its traditional music. “What is your own music?”, an audience questioned Deepak during one of his international concert. This question pushed the singer to search for his true identity which prevailed in Nepali traditional music and musical instruments which he had always ignore till date. 
“Cream of Rhythm” narrates the journey to understand essence of traditional Nepal music in various form life of daily life style in Nepali culture. The documentary reach its conclusion with making of a grand music video created with fusion of traditional and modern musical instruments. 
The purpose of “Cream of Rhythm” is to aware Nepalese youths who believes only in Western music that our identity is hidden in our own music. If Nepali music can be harmonized with Western, it will reflect our identity and be more acceptable to global audience.
About Ethnic Nepal: Ethnic Nepal was established with initiation of Deepak Bajracharya to preserve and present Nepali music in sustainable way. Currently the organization is working in musical awareness via musical programs, musical museum establishment and interaction with international music experts. 

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