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Raju Singh

One of the most humble and polite people one could ever meet is Raju Singh. For someone as popular as he is, it is hard to stay grounded but for Raju Singh it is effortless. 

Born on 29 November, 1967, RajuSingh is one of the most accomplished musicians in Nepal. A lot of credit also goes to his father Bhagat Singh who was a senior singer in Nepali music industry.

Raju Sigh has a Masters degree in Arts from Tribhuvan University, Nepal in the year 1999 (in Economics). He also has a diploma degree from Pragya Sangeet University, India in 1997 and eight level diploma from Trinity Music College, England in 2000.

He has recently brought out a song entitled "Badal Bhitra Jun Lukeko Bela" sung by Dipak Limbu. Get to know up-close and more about Raju Singh as he is the Coca-Cola Hot Property for the month of Mangshir on Radio Kantipur, Radio Rastrako.

by- Aashish KC

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