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Suraj Kumar Thapa

Singer/Music Composer: Suraj Kumar Thapa

Suraj Kumar Thapa was born on August 23rd 1976 A.D. to father Prem Bahadur Thapa and mother Tirtha Kumari Thapa (Renowned and Legendary Folk Singer of Nepali Music Industry ) at Ward number- 2, Lalitpur, Sanepa, Nepal. He got formally vocal and music training class with the legend of Nepali Music Industry, The Great Composer, Lyricist and Singer, Mr. Amber Gurung. He passed out the Vocal Test Examination from Radio Nepal in the year 1991 A.D. and started formally musical career as a singer. He has spent over more than 28 years in Nepali Music Industry and credited with his three solo musical albums like :-“Paribhasha”, "Canvas", “Chinari”, patriotic songs album: - “Nishani 53”(patriotic songs of Legendary Composer, Lyricist and Singer Gopal Yonjan) and many more collectin albums... Some of his famous songs are:- “ Pachim Kohi Purwa Ghar”, “Yespali Ta Jante Bakhro Khaana Paine bho”, “Gahiro Ghau”,“Darshan Napai”, “Bho Maya Aba Laudina,"Timro Aakhako Bhaaka","Naam Bina","Nachana-Nachana" etc...He also has credited his voice for Nepali Movie Sound Track like “ Ghar Sansaar”, “Abalaa”, “Love and Cheers” as a play back singer. He stood 3rd position (1998 A.D.), 4th position (2000 A.D.) and 2nd position in the year 2002 A. D. as a singer in All Nepal Modern Singing Competition, organized by Radio Nepal. He has been awarded for the "Best Duet Singer Of The Year" from Image Award, 2015 A.D., "Best Duet Singer Of The year" from Bindabashini Music Award, 2015 A.D.,”Best Aadhunik Singer and Music Composer Award from OS Nepal Music Award 2017, “Best Album Of The Year”(Album-“Canvas”) from Image Award 2017 and “Best Album Of The Year“(Album-“Paribhasha”) from Os Music Award 2018. Suraj Kumar Thapa is also an active member of the Famous Nepali Folk Rock Band - "Nepathya" since last 16 years and also has travelled many countries worldwide for musical concerts. He is also associated with various schools of Nepal as a Music Teacher, since last 17years!

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