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Himal Sagar

Professional Profile

A highly talented professional Singer, Musician, Dynamic Performer with extensive experience in interpreting music and text, using the knowledge of voice production, melody, and harmony; playback singing, composing and arranging music for the entertainment of Nepalese audiences all over the world and in nightclubs, concert halls, theaters. More than 11 years of professional singing experience who has uncommon knowledge of music gained since early age of 4 years old can easily express self through music having profound ability to communicate musical concepts.

Solo Musical Ventures / Albums

As a Solo Singer and Composer – Continuously presented six solo successful albums with numbers of superhit songs.


(2014) Fulee

(2013) Kahani

(2011) Tell Me

(2008) Tyo Din

(2005) 4 U (For You)

(2003) Relation


Other Albums

As a Musician / Composer – given two popular musical albums year after another

(2010) Last Love

(2011) True Love


Playback Singer

As a Play back Singer – Vocal performed in many Superhit Nepalese movie songs

Such as Matri Bhumi, Brother, Plan, Dulahi Rani, Samjhidiye Pugchha


Popular Songs / Superhit songs


Teen Dhikke Fulee (2014 – Current) – Record view in Youtube within a week of its release


Aaja Kina Timi K Ma Chukyau ( 2013) – Most Popular song – Nominated for Best Vocal Peformance


Nacha Timi Aaja Madal Ko Taal Ma (2011) - Popular Song – Gained popularity among younters


Mero Man Ma Aago Laune Ko (2008) – Superhit Song  - Was able to achieve  number 1 in various countdowns.

Mero Maya Mare Pachhi ( 2005) – Superhit Song and Music Video – Was able to achieve number 1 majority of 5 weeks in most television, radio countdowns and all time superhit song


Na Maile Lekhe (2003) – Superhit song from record break selling album ‘Relation’ – Achieved Number 1 for various weeks at all fm and radio station countdowns




Kalika Music Award (2009) – Best Vocal Performance of the year Male Pop: Song – Mero Man ma aago laune ko


Kalika Music Award (2009) - Best song Arrangement of the year: Song – Yeti Dherai Maya


Dhuk Dhuki Pop Award (2004) – Best Vocal Performance of the year Male Pop: Song – Na Maile Lekhe


Performed in Countries:

 USA, Russia, Oman, Baharain, Cyprus, Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, Israel, Malaysia, Thailand, Barma, Myanmar, Qatar, United Emirates, India

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