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Dinesh Adhikari

Coca Cola Hot property for the month of Chaitra is a writer and a poet Mr. Dinesh Adhikari. His literary stature is undeniably huge, especially as a poet and a song-writer. Mr. Adhikari was born in 22nd Mangshir 2016 BS (7th December 1959 AD) in Baneshwor, Kathmandu and it just took him 16 years to publish his first creation and in 2038 BS, six years later, he would go on to pen his first song. Since then, he has written 12 books and brought out 14 audio albums.

 The first book he wrote was in 2037 BS entitled Antarka Chhitaaharu, which was a collection of his poems. This was followed by Dhartiko Geet (2044 BS), Aadim Aawaz (2045 BS), Abiraam Yaatra (2048 BS), Indrajatra (2051 BS), Aafnai Mann (2054 BS), Atirikta Abhilekh (2056 BS), Jungle ko Kathaa (2058 BS), Mann ra Modharu (2063 BS), Mode of Life (2065 BS/ an English translation of his poems), Simanta Sapana (2067 BS) and Sambedana ke swar (2071 BS/ a Hindi translation of his poems).

His songs has been sung by some of the legendary singers as Narayan Gopal, Tara Devi, Gulaam Ali, Bhakta Raj Acharya and composed by yet more legendary musicians as Nati Kaji, Shiva Shankhar, Ambar Gurung and Gopal Yonjan. He has not had enough though as he continues with his song-writing journey till date. His audio albums include Kabita Mausam (2040 BS), Bhawanaka Maatharu (2047 BS), Sukha Dukha (2050 BS), Bola Bola Paakhaaharu (2054 BS), Biraano Mann (2055 BS), Pareliko Dilmuni (2056 BS), Yaatra (2057 BS), Anubhuti (2057 BS), Lipi (2059 BS), Shabdha (2063 BS), Sunne Kabita (2065 BS), Rachana (2067 BS), Deshko geet (2069 BS) and the latest one being Nikhita (2071 BS).

He is a lawyer and a retired government employee but nothing has brought him more fame than his song-writing ability. The list of recognitions he has received in his long and prosperous career is equally glorifying. He has won awards as Ratna Shree Swarna Padak (2038 BS), Byathit kabya puraskaar (2039 BS), Sarwashrestha geetkaar, Radio Nepal (2040 BS), Yugkabi Sidhicharan puraskaar (2045 BS), Moti puraskar (2049 BS), Sajha puraskaar (2051 BS), Rastriya Gaurav Yuwa samman (2055 BS), Rastriya Pratibha Puraskaar (2056 BS), Sarwanaam Samman (2056 BS), Madan Puraskaar (2056 BS), Manashree Puraskaar (2057 BS), Chhinnalataa Geet Puraskaar (2059 BS) and  Suprawal Janasewashree (3rd, 2071 BS).

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