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Much loved band from Pokhara, Kandara are back and with a bang. They are the hot property on radio kantipur for the month of Falgun...

Band name:        KANDARA

Origin:                   Pokhara, Nepal

Genre:                  folk-Pop, melo soft rock

Years Active:      1992-present

Labels:                  Stereo records


Members:           Bivek Shrestha

Sunil Thapa

Buddharaj Bajracharya

Founder members:

Bijay Gurung

Sunil Bhattchan

Ananda Tajhya

Deepakraj Mulmi

Past Members:

Omar Gurung

Sadeep Tulachan


Kandara is a musical band from the most beautiful city of Nepal called POKHARA was formed in 1992.

Kandara is a typical Nepali word, means a gorge or a cave in the middle of remote hills or mountains. As the name derived, the band believes that, their music is belongs to the (KHOLA, NALA, KUNA KAPCHA, KANDARA) nature. A nature of love, purity and perfection.

Kandara is best known for its contribution, to play a pioneer role to establish a folk pop genre of music in Nepali music industry. With its distinction melodious composition, simple folk based lyrics and a soulful vocal performance, it has given many unforgettable immortal songs like, Leka ki hey Maya, Hongkong Pokhara, Tagaroma rumal Rakhi, Timi pari tyo Gauma, Bideshiyera gaien Uni, Chanchale kanchhiko joban and many more are still being played till date in various radio and TV stations.

The band is also famous for creating their own music, until today they haven’t covered any songs and very proud to keep that tradition of producing their own music which is original and exclusive. They have however, started the tradition of co-working with a famous poets and lyricist of Nepal to write

Songs for a band. Before Kandara, it was not very common to produce a song for a pop artists or bands, which was written by nationally recognised poets or lyricist.

Be it a Famous poet, writer Sarubhakta Shrestha or late Binod Gauchan to Mr Ramesh Shrestha, they all have contributed their poetry skills to produce an immortal songs with this band.

Hongkong Pokhara, Ratai bijhayo (Sarubhakta Shrestha)

Tagaroma rumal Rakhi (Late binod Gauchan)

Chameli le Gau Chhodin (Ramesh Shrestha)


Chanchale Kanchhi – 1994 (Chanchale Kanchhiko Joban)

Chanchale kanchhi ko joban

Yestai chha mayalu byatha yenha

Tadha Tadha

Ekai Najara mai

Sunsan Raatama

Milan ka pal

Mayalu Mayalu

Manle Khoje jasto

Danda Pari-1996 (Lekaki hey Maya,  Timi Pari)

Lekaki hey Maya

Timi Pari

Bideshiyera Gain

Danda Pari)

Shayad timi nai Hau

Bela Bela ma dukhne man

Aljheko Sapana

Din bite Parkhiyera

Hongkong Pokhara-1998 (Hongkong Pokhara, Kanha Hindeki)

Hongkong Pokhara

Suna Ye Sathi

Bishwas ko diyo

Ratai bijhayo

Fulchoki ko Dandaima

Kanha hindeki

Tehi deuralima

Priyashiko kalpanamaa


Barshaun Pachhi-2006 (Tagaromaa rumal rakhi)

Tagaaroma rumal rakhi

Dream girl

Saktina jana

Ekanta chhu

Ek prem katha

Chameli le gaau chhodin

Mahasus gare

Bho bhayo


And after all these years of inactivity, Kandara are back with their newest album Kandara-5 all set to release during the last week of Falgun 2072. Their single Vedi Gothaima is their first released single from their album which you can listen to exclusively on Radio Kantipur for this month.



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