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Dharmendra Sewan

Dharmendra Sewan has been working in Nepali Music Field since 2005 and he has been giving live performances in Nepal and in abroad. In addition, he is one of the most prominent singers of Nepali music field which is known by the name Dharmendra Sewan.


Musical Journey:


  • First Recorded Song: Yo Andheri Raat in 2002
  • Dharmendra Sewan participated in First "Nepali Tara" and bagged First Runner up in 2005.
  • First Album: the Second

  "Ranga Ranga (Video available on Youtube),

    Andheri Raat"

    Timro Tyo Rupley (Video available on Youtube)


  • Second Album: MERO IDOL

             Videos released from the album:


    Dherai nai tadpaisakyou

    Papi nazar

    Manai ta ho

    Dandani aago


  • Third Album- "Rastra Ko Geet"

             Videos released from the album :

    • Herda ramro
    • Aba uthau (Image Award Winner "Best song with national feelings2016 ")
    • Pahada ma

All Songs are Available on YouTube.

  • Collection Albums:
    • Ful samjhi (Title song)
    • Fateko maan (euta sathi aaja feri pardesh vasine vo)
    • Sabda mani (eke mitho muskan deu- u can find the video on YouTube)
    • Sai ko ghar" (composed by Budhhi Pariyar) collaborate with Rekha Shah)
    • PLAYBACK Singer in Feature Films:

    • Dharmendra Sewan is also well known as playback singer in Nepali Movie Industry. He has lent his voice for various movies.
      • First Movie 'Raghuveer' title song
      • Eelaka
      • Hamro Prem Kaile Hunchha
      • Kina kina (Title song)
      • Producer
      • Rang
      • Safar (Title Song – Ma Herdai Chhu…)
      • 3 Lovers (Suntalimai…)
      • Karkhana (Hajir Garam Ta… & Pal…)
      • Kanchhi (Yo Jiu Dauma…)
      • Jhyanakutti (Timilai Sani…)
      • Yatra (Chatta Rumal … & Panch Panchhi…)
      • Love Love Love (Dhuntanana…)
      • Chapali Height 2 (Dhalna Deu…)

      Experiences       :   Tv Presenter on "Sprite Band Challenge-season 3 and in "Nepali Tara Season 3”.


      • Hits FM Music Award 2014: Best Vocal Performance Male Pop
      • Young Minds Award: Best Vocal Performance Male Pop
      • Dhuk Dhuki Pop Award : Best New Artist 2060 B.S.
      • Image Award: Nominated for Image Best New Artist 2063 B.S.
      • Annapurna Best Album of the Year 2063 B.S.
      • Image Award: Nominated for Image Best Pop Singer Male 2067 B.S.
      • Annapurna Best Pop Singer Male 2068 B.S.
      • Image Award: Winner of Best Vocal Performance (Male), 2018.
    • Country Visited: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Bhutan, Israel, India etc.


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